Strategic Communication

Strategic communication

It is the art of employing communication channels to support the organization's success internally and externally

Characteristics of Reputation Management

Long-term planning

Supports the organization's strategies

Concerned with the stakeholders of the organization

Concerned with the mission and its impact    

Employs the various communication channels to protect the organization's reputation

Supports the mental image of the organization

Main Outcomes

1. Enhancing the internal and external communication channels

2. Drawing up media and advertising campaign plans

3. Drawing up strategic communication plan for the organization

4. Drawing up a plan to reduce the impact of reputational risk on the Organization

5. Contributing to building an institutional reputation and a positive mental image for the organization

Our methodology

First stage Second stage Third stage Fourth stage Fifth stage

First stage

Identifying the key communication issues and how to deal with them.

Second stage

Identifying the strategic objectives of the communication plan.

Third stage

Identifying the target audience and how to communicate with them optimally

Fourth stage

Putting forward proposals and procedures for the implementation of the Strategic Communication Plan.

Fifth stage

Formulating and enforcing of the key performance - measuring indicators of the strategic communication plan.

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