Management of reputation crises

Management of reputation crises

Characteristics of reputation crisis management for organizations

Identify crisis management and its source

It makes them ready to deal with the crisis

Composition of the crisis management team

Outlines the strategic communication plan during crises

Stages of working Afkar to manage and resolve the crisis

Analysis of the current situation of the crisis and the organization

Planning to resolve the crisis

Implementation of plans

Assessment and follow-up to the crisis

The most important outputs

  1. Feedback control reports
  2. Monitor and classify potential risks
  3. Management of reputation crisis
  4. Erase and remove bad reputation and restore and develop outstanding reputation

Our methodology

Afkar methodology for crisis management and resolution

Afkar methodology for crisis management and resolution

  1. Investigate the causes of the reputation crisis.
  2. Study the management of the crisis and predict the magnitude of its consequences by examining the crises of others and their impact on them.
  3. Planning and building the initiative and selecting appropriate means and tools.
  4. Define the position and mission of the organization.
  5. Implementation of crisis resolution initiatives.
  6. Measure the impact of the initiative on resolving the crisis.
  7. Develop new crisis management strategies.

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