Manage reputation and improve mental image

Managing institutional reputation

It is a long-term communication strategy for measuring and evaluating the organization's reputation and mental image

Characteristics of Reputation Management

Linked to  the organization strategic objectives

Concerned with the organization’s  visual and digital identity

Develops the organization’s mental image

Concerned with the Organization’s stakeholders

Reduces the risks of reputation management

Main Outcomes

1. Setting up a system of standards for corporate governance and corporate excellence programs to develop organizations' reputation

2. Strengthening the bonds between the organizations and their stakeholders

3. Reducing the impact of reputational risks on the organization

4. Contributing to the achievement of the Organization's strategic objectives and protecting its reputation

5. Monitoring the local and international stakeholders' reputation and mental image

6. Develop the concept of reputation management and identity of organizations

Our methodology

First stage Second stage Third stage Fourth stage Fifth stage

First stage

Evaluation and in-depth analysis of the organization's reputation along with its digital, mental and visual image.

Second stage

Integrated planning to manage and develop organizations' reputation and improve their mental image.

Third stage

Launching and implementing quality initiatives to support reputation and mental image

Fourth stage

Managing the reputational risks of the organization according to the global scientific benchmarks

Fifth stage

Measuring and evaluatingthe impact of initiatives on the reputation of the organization.

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