Corporate reputation management

Build corporate reputation and improve mental image through:

Professionally measure

and analyze reputation of the corporate management and leadership and mental image.

Complementary planning

for corporate reputation management and development and improving its mental image.

Manage corporate reputation related risks 

according to world scientific methodologies.

Develop and implement 

qualitative initiatives to support corporate reputation and mental image such as:

  • Develop the quality framework of products and services to support and deeply root corporate reputation.
  • Monitor and follow-up reputation and mental image of both internal and external customers.
  • Build a system setting standards for corporate governance and corporate excellence programs leading to corporate reputation development.
  • Prepare and draft reports on reputation (customers’ satisfaction report/sustainable development reports).
  • Develop systems for corporate culture and identity for corporations, companies and volunteering organizations.

Corporate communication improvement service

through :

Professional assessment 

of corporate communication status quo.

Plan to develop

and manage corporate communication systems with different bodies.

Develop programs

and scenarios for successful management of crises and risks that corporations expose to through mechanisms specifically prepared for corporate communication systems.

Build media platforms 

issue press releases, media, and E-broadcast of issues through which a corporation shows its stance toward vital cases.


programs and activate mechanisms for bridging relations between corporations and domestic community.


corporations open channels and activate mechanisms of dealing with mass media.

Media materials & mass media management



and operate mass media and plan relevant programs.


and prepare press, media and digital reports, which shade light on domestic, regional or world cases.


in directing and leading media and advertising means for managing corporate reputation of business organizations.

E-media publication

on social media and distinct websites.


in enriching digital content of famous search engines with priority to shedding light on cases related to corporate reputation.

Build and operate E-media platforms

functioning the same as tools to manage reputation and improve mental image.

Social responsibility programs


Prepare and design

initiatives to support community

Prepare and design

protection and responsibility system for employees and customers of corporations

Prepare and design

a system for environment protection and materials sustainability through compatibility of products and services of companies/plants/corporations with ecosystem sustainability and preservation

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