Managing corporate reputation and identity building

Global interest in economic growth and technology is spectacularly growing, and fierce competition rates are, therefore, internationally soaring. Most countries tend to build modern economies through the governance of public institutions, and through enabling private- sector institutions to grow and achieve high economy rates. Pursuing their ends, institutions have shouldered the responsibility of enhancing their communication channels and building up a positive mental image in relation to their clients and the surrounding community

Managing institutional reputation

Strategic communication

Community responsibility 

Managing media 

Who are we?

An established field of expertise, specialized in in providing consultative and developmental services in the area of evaluating, building and managing institutional reputation, and enhancing mental image in accordance with recognized international benchmarks.

Our vision

To be the first choice for organizations in business development and in the smart management of institutional reputation.

Our goals

  • Contributing to economic growth through introducing added-value initiatives with high return on investment in all means possible.
  • Contributing to the growth and development of business organizations through the provision of work programs that contribute to the development of organizations' reputation and strategic communication processes, management of mental image, societal responsibility and media outlets.

Because we have:

1. Represent the unrivalled wealth of experience:

We have specialized experts (Arab and international) in planning, development, management of institutional reputation, software, design and art production.

2. Professionals in setting up programs and launching initiatives

We have experts in the planning and implementation of programs aimed at raising the level of awareness and developing positive behaviors, all of which are modern strategies –based to build mental image.

3. We employ technology

We retain the rights of designing and implementing a number of programs and applications that support projects and initiatives, and which facilitate the process of monitoring work and tasks, and incessantly measuring such performance as task management programs , monthly plans , performance evaluation and strategic communication

Our Mission

Offering added- value effective solutions for business sectors, which would enable them to go into competition for production and profit.

Our Values

  • Unceasing creativity
  • Development and innovation

Why work with us?

The tools, experiences, relationships and platforms we possess, make us the best in the field of reputation improvement

Our principles:

  • Quality of performance
  • Development and innovation
  • Community participation
  • Strategic communication
  • Human Resources Development
  • Quality of product and services
  • Organization's identity

4. We possess large corporate culture

We encourage innovation and creativity, and welcome the culture of openness towards all international experiences. We have pioneering partnerships with international partners who provide us with the highest standards of expertise and advanced knowledge.

5. We provide post-implementation services

We are committed to implementing all our initiatives, projects and activities through continuous follow-up and evaluation to achieve continuous improvements and support to drive our customers to better performance.

Our vision is creativity and our goal is innovation

Our ambition is towards universality, and our thoughts transcend the barriers of time and space

Main Outcomes

1. Setting up a system of standards for corporate governance and corporate excellence programs to develop organizations' reputation

2. Strengthening the bonds between the organizations and their stakeholders

3. Reducing the impact of reputational risks on the organization

4. Contributing to the achievement of the Organization's strategic objectives and protecting its reputation

5. Monitoring the local and international stakeholders' reputation and mental image

6. Develop the concept of reputation management and identity of organizations